UXPressia Walkthrough & Demo

In this almost 20-minute overview and product demo, UXPressia's Customer Success Agent, Julia, will show you how to create professional journey maps on your own and with others.

You’ll learn why thousands of people use UXPressia to collaborate on experience insights, visualize their customers' journeys, and standardize their mapping.

Plus, you'll be able to ask your questions via live chat.

At the demo, you will see how to ...

  • Bring consistency to your journey mapping process;
  • Save time building journey maps from scratch;
  • Customize and brand maps in UXPressia;
  • Successfully collaborate with other people inside the platform;
  • Share your work with people outside the platform;
  • Set up a library of reusable components for your team;
  • Get a holistic view of customer journeys using UXPressia.

Your Presenter

Julia Trofimchik
Customer Success Agent
UXPressia Inc.
  • Julia Trofimchik
    Customer Success Agent
    UXPressia Inc.